Vented Gas Logs can be used in Masonry fireplaces, or fabricated woodburning fireplaces. The benefits to using a Vented logset is not only the obvious one, the looks, but also the capability to burn anytime, and for any amount of time. A great option to give the realistic look of wood burning without having to chop the wood, and babysit the fire all night


Eiklor Flames 5 Burner Ultimate Gas Log System – “The Crème de la Crème of Gas Logs"

The Eiklor Gas Logset - is a vented option. The Stainless Steel 5-burner configuration makes this gas logset extremely realistic. You have the ability to control the flame height by manual knob or remote control. This can be installed in an already existing Masonry fireplace or a woodburning fabricated fireplace.

Also available from Eiklor, The Tonto 304-2. A two burner vented logset with a patented stainless steel burner system, the Tonto provides all the beauty and realism of Eiklor's 5-burner logsets with a much different look. The logs are lower in the firebox and stacked in a slight 'A' configuration, giving a less massive, but still
incredibly realistic fire.


R.H. Peterson Vented Gas Log Systems - Peterson Log systems have been manufactured for over 50 years.  They have an extensive line of logs, to help create the look you desire. In demand is the new Fire Glass, a vented gas log system without the logs.  Sparkling glass & fire create a contemporary look for those who want something new.
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