There are three different remote options that we can offer you, to almost any application.

The Variable Height Remote control works especially well with the Eiklor gas log system, however, it will work with log systems that offer the height adjustment. 

Thermostatically controlled remote we offer this on any direct vented application, that includes stoves, fireplaces & inserts.  Using this remote increase the efficiency of your direct vent product by controlling the temperature in any given room.  This remote will cycle on or off whether you are at home or away.  A great percentage of our customers use this system to override their existing heating system.
On/Off remote this remote can be used in every application.  Most of our customers use this remote to avoid having to bend down to turn the unit off and on.  A lot of customers that are a little nervous about being near the fireplace find this a perfect answer to their fears.

Whether to use a remote control or not, is a very personal decision.  Using all of our products manually is simple and very direct, however, the remote is an added convience. 

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